About The Event


The time for reinvention is here. The utility industry is under severe pressure from a number of factors. The writing is on the wall. And TNB in Malaysia similar to other utilities is no exception. However, painful change may be, this is the time to reinvent ourselves. To reimagine ourselves and the future.

The answer lies in the business moving towards being a more innovative, sustainable and smarter future.

The theme of CEPSI 2018 is "Reimagining Utility of the Future". The theme underpins the current reality of how the electric supply industry is transforming in response to acceleration of technology disruptions, economic shifts, evolving sustainability and regulatory requirements, and increasing customer expectations.

Topics that address the theme would include megatrends, sustainability, energy trilemma, digitalisation and a smarter future.

Which is why CEPSI 2018 is the right time, the right place to convene, to share and exchange ideas, hear from visionaries, learn from some of the best minds in coming up with winning solutions to help us forge ahead and continue to shine the future and progress for ourselves and for our customers.

1500+ participants from 30+ countries
Who will you meet?

C-Level Executives
General Manager
Head of Department
Managing Director
Analysts / Consultants
Industry Professionals
Government officials