Icon of a new era

Striving for renewable energy

CEPSI 2018 ends on positive note

BMW Group Malaysia MD & CEO

On to Manila

`Collaboration between power utilities and telcos makes sense’

Smart meters benefiting Filipino consumers in many ways

More competitive rates ahead for power sector with MESI Reform

Synergies aplenty between energy and telco sectors

Smart meters are beneficial to consumers – Tepco

TNB Installed 13,000MW of power generation capacity since 1949

Government upbeat on achieving 20PC RE Goal

We won’t use nuclear power

Disruptive tech the way to go

TNB to work closely with MyPower for industry reform

CEPSI 2018 to discuss key issues related to energy

Electricity Power Conference, expo start today

More than 2,000 delegates to attend TNB event

Digitalisation of utility sector takes centre stage at CEPSI 2018

The utility of the future

An E-Mobility Partnership

Power experts to converge in KL

Himpunan pakar industri elektrik di CEPSI 2018

CEPSI2018: Pakar kongsi pengetahuan tentang ESI

Over 1,500 delegates, 150 exhibitors expected at energy event

TNB to host upcoming conference on electric power supply

CEPSI 2018 bakal jadi acara bermaklumat

15 tokoh industri sertai CEPSI 2018

Industry experts to exchange innovative ideas at CEPSI 2018

150 firms to showcase expertise

14 experts expected to share best practices at CEPSI 2018

14 experts to speak at CEPSI

TNB secures Siemens as diamond sponsor for Cepsi 2018 IN BRIEF

TNB gets Siemens as diamond sponsor of  CEPSI 2018

TNB secures Siemens as diamond sponsor

CEPSI 2018 gets 3 more platinum sponsors

International experts to provide insights at CEPSI 2018

CEPSI 2018 to feature global experts speakers

High profile speakers at CEPSI 2018

TNB to host power supply industry conference after 22 years

TNB Invites abstracts for technical papers for CEPSI2018

TNB to host Conference of Electric Power Supply Industry 2018

CEPSI 2018 attracts four big-name sponsors

TNB invites abstracts for technical papers for CEPSI2018

TNB secures first four sponsors for Cepsi 2018

TNB set to host major international conference

TNB to host electricity conference

CEPSI to Discuss the Power of Tomorrow

Technology disruption the main agenda at CEPSI 2018

TNB to host CEPSI 2018