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Indranil Lahiri

Gavin D. Barfield

Chief Technology Advisor (CTA)

Gavin D. Barfield

Gavin D. Barfield is the Chief Technology Advisor (CTA) for Meralco, the Philippines largest power distributor. As CTA, he has oversight for the Company’s corporate information technology, cybersecurity, corporate process and data, and corporate project management functions. In addition, Gavin acts as an advisor to a number of market and industry issues.

Gavin is a well-recognized expert in both the Philippines and Singapore Energy Market and has spoken at several international conferences on Asian energy markets. He was involved in the design and development of both the Singapore National Energy Market (NEMS) and the Philippines Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) and provides regular advisory to the Philippines’ Department of Energy and Singapore’s Energy Market Authority on industry developments and regulatory issues.

Prior to joining Meralco, Gavin led Pöyry’s Energy Consulting in Asia Pacific and PA Consulting’s operations in South East Asia. Gavin completed his Bachelor of Science in Computing and Management degree (first class with honors), and with Diploma in Professional Studies from Loughborough University (UK).