Technical Sessions

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Future Utility
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The Technical Sessions at CEPSI have traditionally been a highlight of each conference, and likewise promises to be the same at CEPSI 2018. An estimated 550+ papers will be presented over the course of three days and spread over 6 sessions with 18 rooms each, by delegates from various countries and regions, in CEPSI 2018. All papers presented will also be made available on the official CEPSI 2018 website for future reference and citation.

The Technical Sessions at CEPSI 2018 are meant as a platform for delegates to share case studies, on-site lessons and experiences, overviews of recent technologies, design strategies, industry best practices and many more. The call has been made for all energy players to contribute original papers to be presented at CEPSI 2018 on the theme, “Reimagining Utility of the Future” in any of the following eight (8) categories:

"The CEPSI Technical Session gave me a platform to share and exchange experiences and knowledge on the field I was working on (Cybersecurity & AMI). It made me realize that a lot of the lessons we learnt are also applicable to my peers from other utilities!"

Wei Kian

"The sessions were well managed and coordinated, giving us ample time to present and share. The session moderators did a great job too!"


"CEPSI is not just about learning about what Asia's Premier Utilities are doing but also a golden opportunity to network with like-minded peers and colleagues. I have never missed CEPSI since 2012, and hope to attend every one of them in the future.” "

Dr. Aznan

"It is an excellent platform for me to share experience and at the same time learn from the utility experts from all over the world. The conference also creates an opportunity to build professional networking with utility leaders"

Ir. Venoth